Monday, April 19, 2010


Eyjafjallajokull (a)

1. A bad situation of extremely large and significant proportions.
2. A person of limited mental capacity, prone to doing idiotic things.

Examples of usage

'I thought the expenses scandal was bad enough, but when that cunt bought a duckhouse - that turned it into a serious Eyjafjallajokull.'

'George Osborne? 'Liability' doesn't even sum him up, the man is a Eyjafjallajokull for the Tories.'


From Icelandic. Roughly translated as 'enormously huge fucking fuck-up'.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Pickles (v)
to pickles, picklesing, picklesed

1. to consume voraciously

Examples of Usage

Fucking hell, did you see Diane Abbott last night? Yeah, she really picklesed that buffet.

Give the PM briefing notes, and he really pickles them.

We tried to warn Littlejohn about picklesing those fry-ups every morning, but unfortunately he ended up having a massive coronary.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Richard Littlejohn

Richard Littlejohn (n)

1. a fucking idiot
2. female genitalia

Examples of Usage

Stop being a Richard Littlejohn.

Did you see David Cameron on the news last night? Yeah, he was a right Richard Littlejohn.

The buxom young woman put three fingers inside her dripping Richard Littlejohn.


Take a look at any of this cunt's 'articles' in the Daily Mail, or his fat fucking face on television, and all shall become apparent.